About Sally

My journey towards healing started just after the birth of my first child. When I became a mother, I realised that I wanted to start a new path in my life. A path that resonated with all that I am. You could say, it was the catalyst for my awakening. 

I connected to a wonderful healing modality, Rahanni in 2016, and became a Rahanni Teacher in 2018.

Prior to energy healing, I worked within the Dental profession for twenty two years and qualified as a Dental Hygienist at Newcastle University in 2007. Having a medical background has only strengthened my practice of Anya Healing and working with energy.

Anya Healing has now become my life's work. A beautiful and divinely timed healing vibration, channeled in May 2020. It is truly an honour to bring forward Anya, a gift for humanity and Mother Earth.

I am always learning something new and enhancing my skills, creating, and writing.

In my spare time, I enjoy life in the countryside of Buckinghamshire with my husband and children.

Sally Stevenson.

Founder of Anya Healing.

Healer and Teacher.

Crystal Healing Diploma at Distinction Level.