Anya Healing



1 Day Course


Anya Healing Practitioner Level 


Anya is a high vibrational healing energy that breaks down the toxins within water molecules enabling cleansing and purifying of each individual cell.


During the course you will be attuned to the beautiful energies of Anya and taught how to heal ourselves, others, animals and Mother Earth. 


You will also learn the divine history of Anya and how it has come to be here at this time of our existence. It is a beautiful experience and will help to raise your spiritual vibration. On completion you will be a Practitioner of Anya.


The cost of the course is £175.00 and is completed in one day, you will receive a certificate, a manual and ongoing support.

Practitioners will be required to enrol onto the Angelic Heart Academy register.


Please note Anya Healing is for experienced healers. Before practising Anya the student will undergo a process of activations, in order to hold the light of Anya within their Aura. It is a complex process that takes place over many months. 


If you would like more information on this process and would like learn the beautiful healing modality Anya, please contact