Rahanni Healing 



1 Day Course


Rahanni Healing Practitioner Level 


Rahanni is a fifth dimensional healing modality that works on a higher vibration and deeper level, opening up our heart chakra. Rahanni was channeled by my dear friend, Carol Stacey back in 2002.


The activation of energies raises the vibration of the student to a much higher level of spiritual understanding, expanding our aura and helping with a change in consciousness. 

During the course you will learn about the history of Rahanni, how to heal ourselves, others, animals and plants. You will also be guided should you wish to become a practitioner and practice on the general public. 

It is a beautiful experience, felt within your heart centre, that stays with you forever.


Cost of the course is £175.00.


If you would like to learn more about Rahanni Healing, please contact