Angelic Heart Academy Of Holistic Healing register


Upon completion of Anya Healing all Practitioners and Teachers are placed onto a register. 

All Practitioners and Teachers shall display a certificate of authenticity, that they have to renew each year.

This is a legal requirement and must be shown to insurance companies at the time of insurance renewal. 

Practitioners and Teachers must adhere to the codes of conduct, that they took under oath at the time of their qualification. 


The register has been structured to protect the general public. To ensure that the practising healers and teachers, have been taught and qualified to channel the energies and symbol activations of Anya. 

It is to ensure that each practitioner and teacher are continuing to follow the codes of conduct, that they agreed to at the time of qualification. 

Failure to do so, could lead to removal of the register. 

At Angelic Heart Academy, I endeavour to teach with the highest level of standards and expectations of Practitioners and Teachers. To ensure that all clients receiving healing can trust that it will be an authentic healing experience. 


If you would like to confirm a Practitioner or Teacher is on the register, then please contact