My Journey

I am a qualified Practitioner and Teacher of Rahanni healing, Intuitive development Teacher and Crystal Healing Diploma passing with a Distinction.

My journey towards Rahanni started just after the birth of my son. When I became a mother I realised that I wanted to start a new path in my life.

What an incredible journey it has been, a truly enlightening experience and I have learned that nothing is a coincidence in life.  Every obstacle, every closed or open door, every happy or sad moment in my life has led me to this point of my professional and spiritual growth. 


Previous to Rahanni, I worked in the Dental profession for nearly twenty years and qualified as a Dental Hygienist at Newcastle University in 2007. Having a medical background has only strengthened my practice of Rahanni.

I am a kind and compassionate person and want nothing more than to help people live their lives in a positive way, letting go of fears and pain, and moving forward towards inner peace. 

I believe that people in general are starting to look towards different forms of healing and holistic therapies and that the mind, body and soul are all connected and should be cared for equally. 

I am always learning something new and enhancing my skills and I am currently studying Diploma's in Astrology and Moonology.


I have been blessed to have a wonderful teacher of Rahanni and ongoing mentor Neshla Avey for continued professional development and guidance. 

Neshla is the Founder Elect of Rahanni following Carol Stacey's retirement in March 2017 and was one of the first to become attuned to Rahanni in 2009.

I am registered with the SWA [Spiritual Workers Association] and insured with The West of Scotland Insurance Brokers.

If you would like a healing session or are ready to raise your vibration and attune to the beautiful healing energies of Rahanni then please contact